Technical requirements for backstop
  2020/03/06| View:935

The backstop has certain requirements when it is used. Only when this requirement is met can it be allowed to play its own irreplaceable role. So what are the specific technical requirements? The following editor gives a detailed explanation:


1. The working environment temperature of the backstop is -20~+60.

2. The temperature rise of the backstop under normal working conditions should be lower than 30.

3. Under the action of the rated backstop torque, the backstop works 105 times, and the surface of the wedge, inner ring and outer ring shall not appear pitting, plastic deformation and cracks.

4. The heat treatment hardness of the main parts of the backstop should meet the requirements of Table 3.

5. All parts must be inspected and qualified, and purchased parts must have a certificate before they can be assembled.

6. After assembly, the direction of rotation shown on the steering sign should be consistent with the direction of rotation shown in the wedge assembly.

7. The exposed surface of the backstop should be coated with a primer and two topcoats.

8. The surface paint of the inner ring of the backstop is red, and the surface paint of the other outer surfaces is cream yellow,other colors can also be used according to user requirements.