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Locking assembly

Special attention should be paid to the sequence of installation when mounting the locking assembly beyond the sprag clutch bearing. Precision bearings should also pay attention to the positive and negative ends. If they are installed in reverse, dynamic imbalance will be caused and the performance of bearings will be affected.

Axial positioning of ultra-precision angular contact ball bearings on the shaft or in the bearing seat usually adopts locking nuts or end caps. These locking assembly require high geometric accuracy and good mechanical strength to provide stable support and positioning.

The tightening torque Mt for precision locking nuts or end cover bolts must be large enough to ensure that all components (including bearings) are positioned without distortion or damage. - When precision angular contact ball bearings are axially positioned using precision lock nuts or end caps, the following procedure should be used to ensure that all bearings are in full position and the locking force is reset to the level required for the estimate.