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Changzhou Tianniu Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd (Changzhou Tianniu Clutch Factory) is a professional manufacturer of backstop clutch, electromagnetic clutch, torque limiter, locking assembly, coupling with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force.
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    Introduction to the electromagnetic brake

    Introduction to the electromagnetic brak...

    The electromagnetic brake is an ideal automatic actuator in modern industry. It is mainly used to transmit power and control motion in the mechanical transmission system. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, sensitive response, long service life, reliable use, easy realization of remote control, etc..

    The characteristics and principles of the electromagnetic clutch

    The characteristics and principles of th...

    The electromagnetic clutch is also called an electromagnetic clutch. It is a kind of electromagnetic mechanical connector, applying the principle of electromagnetic induction and the friction between the internal and external friction plates, so that the two rotating parts in the mechanical transmission system and the driven parts can be combined with or separated from them, there is no need to stop the rotation of the drive unit. Is a kind of automatic execution of electrical appliances.

    Considerations for installing flexible plum coupling

    Considerations for installing flexible p...

    Flexible plum coupling is a kind of movable rigid coupling, flexible plum coupling is the use of internal and external teeth meshing to achieve the transfer of torque and rotation between the two halves of the coupling.