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Changzhou Tianniu Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd (Changzhou Tianniu Clutch Factory) is a professional manufacturer of backstop clutch, electromagnetic clutch, torque limiter, locking assembly, coupling with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force.
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    Basic information about mechanical torque limiter

    Basic information about mechanical torqu...

    Suppliers of mechanical torque limiters are also called torque and safety couplings. Is the connection between the driver and the working machine components, mainly for overload protection. The supplier of mechanical torque limiters limits the torque delivered by the transmission in the form of skids when the required torque exceeds the set value due to overload or mechanical failure.

    Characteristics and classification of the friction torque limiter

    Characteristics and classification of th...

    The coupling is a component that connects the two shafts axially and transmits torque and motion and has a certain ability to compensate for the offset of the two shafts. To reduce the vibration of the mechanical transmission system and reduce the impact peak load, the coupling should also have a certain buffer and damping performance. Sometimes, the coupling also has the function of overload safety protection.

    Features and application of flexible propeller shaft coupling

    Features and application of flexible pro...

    The coupling is a mechanical part that is used to join two shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft) in the shaft system transmission of mechanical products to make them rotate together to transfer torque. Flexible coupling is a coupling that allows the rotor to have a separate axial displacement, and there is a certain deviation between the two rotor pairs that can be connected. Flexible coupling refers to the ability to compensate for the relative offset of two axes.