one way bearing manufacturers are prone to failure in production
  2022/05/18| View:683

The one way bearing manufacturer found in many customers after the on-site observation that the host machine started up, abnormal sound, this attention is the customer's working environment, hydraulic oil is clean, therefore, most of the abnormal causes appear in the hydraulic oil. The possible causes of a fault are as follows:

one way bearing manufacturer

1. Hydraulic oil and grease lead to serious wear caused by a lack of oil in one-way bearings.

2. The oil of the one-way bearing has not been added for a long time, and dirt enters the bearing, resulting in abnormal sound caused by the high annual temperature of the bearing.

3. Because the oil outlet hole of the bearing is blocked somewhere, the oil cannot enter and makes a sound.

4. The link between the bearing and the spindle is loosened and a sound is made.

5. Bearing damage.

6. The spindle and bearing are damaged. After the one way clutch bearing supplier checks, it is found that after the bearing starts, the oil outlet of the bearing outer diameter is in a normal position, the oil hole is still relatively clean and cannot be blocked. Therefore, the spindle and bearing are normal. Due to the long trial time of the equipment, whether the bearing and the spindle are damaged, then whether the torque is well transferred when the machine is started, and whether there is abnormal sound.

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