Advantages of flexible propeller shaft coupling
  2022/01/25| View:947

Flexible propeller shaft coupling is a coupling which compensates the relative displacement of two axes, alleviates the impact and absorbs the vibration by using the elastic deformation of elastic elements. Compensate angular, radial and axial deviations. The flexible propeller coupling is installed at the output position between the gearbox and the drive shaft, which can reduce the vibration inside the hull and prolong the service life of the relevant parts around the power train. It is suitable for the gearbox of standard size, and the size of the coupling can be customized according to the requirements of the user.

Flexible propeller shaft coupling

Advantages of flexible propeller shaft coupling:

1. Small size of coupling, large transfer torque.

2. No additional connecting parts need to be added.

3. Can eliminate the axial and radial deviation of the connection.

4. The strapping cable structure inside the coupling can eliminate the axial impact generated when the torque is transferred.

5. The specifications and styles of coupling mounting holes can be customized according to user requirements.

6. Easy installation can be achieved without moving the gearbox or propeller shaft.

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