Application of one way freewheel bearing clutch
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One way freewheel bearing clutch is one of the basic parts of mechanical transmission. It is a kind of clutch with the change of speed or rotation direction of the active parts, and has the function of self-clutch. It is widely used. One way freewheel bearing clutch has been used for a long time, there are data recorded in the 1980s, there is a one-way clutch predecessor, when the specific name has no way to textual research, but the use and function at that time is one of the earliest one way freewheel bearing clutch, he is mainly used in the reversing mechanism.

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The one way freewheel bearing clutch is a new type of clutch developed after the cylinder one way freewheel bearing clutch. Since its invention, it has been widely used in mechanical transmission for its large bearing capacity, reliable self-locking, light reverse release, compact structure and convenient operation. First, it was developed and popularized in the United States in automobiles and airplanes.

A one way freewheel bearing clutch is called a thrust or a one-way bearing. Often with ball screw pair or other components, as a reverse mechanism, can also be used alone, as the precise positioning between the driving shaft and the driven shaft, transfer torque or cut off torque, with a self-clutch function. It is widely used in packaging machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, light industry machinery, agricultural machinery, metallurgy and mining, petrochemical, machine tools, automobiles, weapons, aviation, power stations and other mechanical equipment.