What is the role of Shaft coupling?
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The shaft coupling is a device that connects two axes or axes with rotary parts, rotates together in the process of transmitting motion and power, and does not detach under normal circumstances. Sometimes it is also used as a safety device to prevent the connected parts from bearing excessive load, playing the role of overload protection. The shaft coupling is a high-precision Shaft-to-Shaft interface.


The shaft coupling is also called a Shaft coupling. A mechanical part is used to securely connect the driving and driven shafts of different mechanisms to rotate together and transmit motion and torque. Sometimes also used to connect the shaft with other parts (such as gears, pulleys, etc.).


Often by the two halves of the synthesis, respectively with a key or tight fit, such as connection, fastening in the two shaft ends, and then through some way to join the two halves together. Shaft coupling can compensate for the offset (including axial offset, radial offset, angular offset, or combined offset) between two axes due to imprecise manufacturing and installation, deformation, or thermal expansion As well as the mitigation of shock, vibration absorption.


Shaft coupling

Most Shaft coupling systems have been standardized or standardized. In general, it is only necessary to select the type of Shaft coupling correctly and determine the type and size of Shaft coupling. If necessary, check and calculate the load capacity of the vulnerable link, and check the centrifugal force and the deformation of the elastic element when the speed is high.


Role of Shaft coupling.


The role of Shaft coupling is to connect two shafts (active and driven) in different mechanisms to make them rotate together and transfer torque. Part of Shaft coupling also has the function of buffering, damping, and improving the dynamic performance of the Shaft system.


Eliminate the inertia of the radial force, the connection between the motor spindle and the load, and use Shaft coupling to weaken the starting force when the motor starts.


Power transmission, the transmission of power and torque (to improve the performance of the transmission system).

Different degrees of shock absorption, cushioning effect.When the load is too large to break the protection.Good for maintenance.Change direction of transmission.Concentricity correction (different degrees of axial, radial, angular compensation performance).


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