Features and application of flexible propeller shaft coupling
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The coupling is a mechanical part that is used to join two shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft) in the shaft system transmission of mechanical products to make them rotate together to transfer torque. Flexible coupling is a coupling that allows the rotor to have a separate axial displacement, and there is a certain deviation between the two rotor pairs that can be connected. Flexible coupling refers to the ability to compensate for the relative offset of two axes.


Next, is a detailed description of the characteristics and applications of flexible shaft propeller coupling.


Flexible propeller shaft coupling including clamping shaft coupling, encoder shaft coupling, sliding shaft coupling, spring shaft coupling, bellows shaft coupling, using a common sleeve to join in some way two clamping shaft coupling, the coupling clamp shell two half coupling flange bolt connection to realize the spring shaft coupling, using the axial split two spherical shells in a certain way A coupling clamped to achieve a two-shaft connection sliding shaft coupling, an encoder is attached to the encoder shaft coupling.


flexible propeller shaft coupling

Features of flexible propeller shaft coupling

In"Flexible connection", the relative connector has the relation of constraint or transmission of power and can have relative displacement to a certain extent.

Flexible coupling between the two parts of the coupling, the use of sliders, elastic pin, wood, or universal joint, that is, the transfer of power, but also meets the requirements of the use of equipment.


Application of flexible propeller shaft coupling

The flexible coupling with metal elastic element has good buffering and damping performance, and a large bearing capacity. Apply to the speed and load changes in large and high-temperature or low-temperature places.


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