Choose the four methods of the torque limiter
  2022/08/12| View:573

The torque limiter is a common sight in our construction industry. Did you know there are four key points to choosing a torque limiter? Here's how to choose a torque limiter.


torque limiters

1. The overload torque value (or torque range) that needs to be set by the torque limiter


For torque selection please refer to the T0, T1, T2, T3, and T4 of each size.


2. Shaft diameter size torque limiter


The maximum value of each shaft hole isDH7orDh7. If the shaft diameter exceeds the maximum, you need to choose a larger size.


3. How to connect


Coaxial transmission (active and driven end are shaft), then must choose-Gor-Tand other specifications of the coupling, such as parallel transmission (shaft sprocket, shaft gear, etc.) can choose the standard form.


4. Whether the number of overloads requires signal output


Friction overload after skidding, no signal output function. The steel ball, the roller, and the module may also have the signal output function while skidding.


These are the four types of torque limiters. If you want to choose the right model more accurately, Welcome to contact us, there will be a professional to help you choose the type.