Basic information about mechanical torque limiter
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Suppliers of mechanical torque limiters are also called torque and safety couplings. Is the connection between the driver and the working machine components, mainly for overload protection. The supplier of mechanical torque limiters limits the torque delivered by the transmission in the form of skids when the required torque exceeds the set value due to overload or mechanical failure.


At the same time, it can output a signal to stop the motor and the reducer, and automatically resume connection after the overload situation disappears. In this way, mechanical damage can be prevented, thereby avoiding costly downtime losses.


Mainly used in printing equipment, battery industry, iron scraps conveyor, conveyor production lines, separators, and so on


Mechanical torque limiter

Suppliers of mechanical torque limiters are typically installed between the active and passive sides of the power transfer. In the event of an overload failure (when the torque exceeds the set value), the mechanical torque limiter supplier is separated to effectively protect the drive machinery (such as the motor, reducer, servo motor) and the load.


The structure is mainly divided into friction moment limiter and ball moment limiter.


Mechanical torque limiter supplier installation structure includes shaft-shaft, shaft-flange, shaft-synchronous pulley, shaft-sprocket, shaft-gear, shaft-pulley, and so on.


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