Classification and principles of the friction torque limiter
  2022/10/21| View:736

Friction torque limiter belongs to the traditional torque limiter, compared with other forms of torque limiter, the price is more economical, affordable, and easy to use. So what are the categories? How does it work?


The friction torque limiter adopts a friction plate as a transmission connecting medium and controls the separation and absorption of power transmission by electromagnetic, hydraulic, and pneumatic means.


The number of friction plates is generally divided into the:

1. Single friction disc clutch.

2. Multi-friction clutch.


friction torque limiter

They are generally classified according to the application environment:

Friction torque limiter for dry, oil-free applications.

Friction torque limiter for wet oil immersion.


The friction torque limiter uses the locking nut to make the spring produce elastic force, which acts on the friction plate. The sprocket and other wheel-shaped objects are clamped between two friction plates, so that torque can be transmitted.


When the device is overloaded, the sprocket and the friction plate slide against each other, but the torque between the two remains the same as when the skid occurred (there is still a torque drive, but it does not drive the drive end), and the active end is idle, the transmission stopped. The friction torque limiter automatically resets after the overload has been eliminated.


So that's how the friction torque limiter works. We hope to help you, and if you need help with that, please feel free to contact us.