How to update a mechanical torque limiter
  2022/11/04| View:1044

The mechanical torque limiter is an application system for crane equipment. The sensor and the controller (instrument) are two major components.


How mechanical torque limiter works:


When a crane lifts a heavy object, the weight, angle, and angle/amplitude are transmitted to the transmitter by the corresponding sensor. The transmitter transforms and amplifies the signal, transmits it to the controller (instrument) through the RS485 interface in the system, and after processing the CPU data of the instrument, it enters the display screen to display the related data, at the same time, the instrument compares the measured weight, rotation angle, and amplitude with the rated value of the crane operation condition, and then performs the display, alarm and control output according to the regulation.


After receiving the corresponding control signal, the crane can stop self-operation with the unsafe party without affecting the normal operation of other mechanisms. Mechanical torque limiters can play the role of load-limiting protection for cranes.


mechanical torque limiter

How does the mechanical torque limiter update and rewire?


First, after replacing the computer cable and restoring the connection, we set off and turned on the mechanical torque limiter, extending the boom 10-15cm.


In the second step, loosen the potentiometer on the fastening screw (some are not fastened screws, it does not matter, continue).


Third, adjust the center axis in small letters. While adjusting, the other person looks at the length on the mechanical torque limiter and stops when the length is just right for the shortest arm.


The fourth step is to tighten the fastening screw on the potentiometer.


That's how the mechanical torque limiter rewires itself, and if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.