The knowledge about the diaphragm Shaft coupling
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With the development of technology, diaphragm Shaft couplings are widely used in various machines (such as vacuum/pressure forming machines for food containers, medical image diagnostic devices, CT scanning devices, etc.).

Shaft coupling

Diaphragm Shaft coupling generally refers to a set of diaphragm Shaft coupling with two sets of diaphragms, which has the advantages of high mechanical strength, large bearing capacity, quality, etc. Its installation is simple, good reliable because it has an intermediate shaft, very good relative displacement compensation, and low inertia, so it is also suitable for medium, high-speed, and large torque shaft transmission, as well as a variety of mechanical devices with little change in load shaft transmission, extremely versatile, so it is suitable for Servo and stepper motor design.

Diaphragm Shaft coupling has obvious shock absorption, no noise, no wear, long life, adapt to work in high temperatures and harsh environments, moving line in the case of shock and vibration, and high transmission efficiency, up to 99.86%. Especially suitable for medium and high-speed, high power transmission, simple structure, lightweight, small volume, easy to install and disassemble. No need to move the machine can be installed and disassembled with no lubrication, can accurately transfer the speed, runs without differential, and has fast rotation.

The Diaphragm Shaft coupling should be cleaned before installation of the two shaft end face. Check the end face, keyway mouth, and other fits. After installation, in the normal operation of a shift, must check all screws, such as those found loose, must be tightened, so repeated several shifts to ensure that it will not be loose to prevent the diaphragm in high-speed operation occurs micro-wear, resulting in micro-cracking of the diaphragm bolt hole and damage.

Features of the diaphragm Shaft coupling.

(1) Simple structure, compact size, and easy disassembly. The diaphragm Shaft coupling of the intermediate shaft type structure can be disassembled without moving the machine.

(2) Diaphragm Shaft couplings can transmit greater torque, effectively absorb angular, axial, and radial deviations generated during the installation of the two shafts, have high accuracy and zero clearance and are widely used in high-precision transmission applications, such as precision electronic manufacturing equipment.

(3) Diaphragm Shaft couplings are characterized by high torque rigidity. They are commonly used in high-torque and high-speed movements, such as high-speed trains' energy equipment output components.

(4) High-temperature, acid, and alkali corrosion resistance can be used in high-temperature and harsh environments that can effectively resist the shock and vibration of the equipment in operation.

The above is the knowledge about the diaphragm Shaft coupling. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!