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Friction type torque limiter

When overload or mechanical failure caused by the required torque exceeds the set value, friction torque limiter in the form of skid to limit the transmission system to drive the torque, when the overload situation disappeared after the recovery of the connection. This prevents mechanical damage and avoids costly downtime. The torque limiter uses a spring-loaded friction surface, with nuts or bolts to adjust the spring force and preset its sliding torque.

Friction torque limiter adopts spring loaded friction surface. Adjust spring force with nuts or bolts. Preset its sliding torque.

Torque limiter can be sprocket, gear, pulley or flange as the center member. Friction sheet is dry friction sheet without asbestos and rust proof, can be used in explosion-proof occasions, and wear resistance is good, long life. Intermediate sliding sleeve without lubrication. friction torque limiter is different from the shear pin type machine to be used once must be obsolete, but can be reused.