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PB Sprag Type Overrunning Clutch
PB Sprag Type Overrunning Clutch
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1. Concentricities of the inner race and the outer race are maintained by the plain bearing located between the outer race and the shaft. Radial load which works on the outer race is also supported by this plain bearing. The shaft must therefore be extended through the clutch outer race end.

2. Specify right (RH) or left hand (LH) inner race drive viewed from the end marked by the arrow in the illustration Above.Check if the rotation of the clutch is correct before being run-in.

3.Key to be used should be in accordance with JIS B1301-1959
4.The bore of the driven member, such as the sprocket on the clutch outer race, should meet H6 or H7 tolerance of the JIS standard.
5. For indexing use, oil lubrication is recommended.

Product parameter:

sprag clutch one way bearing

Bore Size

Outer Race


Filler Plug

(N@m)(N@m)Inner RaceOuter Race(cycle/min)Dia.Keyway




PB 329.40.21,800900150104x1.550502322252125.74× 2.5160.23M6× P1.0
PB 51470.21,800900150165x270603232352538.85× 3.0200.58M6× P1.0
PB 63820.21,500800150205x2827338383733415× 3.0271.1M6× P1.0
PB 85680.291,200650150257x3858345404533427× 4.0271.6M6× P1.0
PB 108430.391,00040015031.510x3.59295604156374410 × 4.5282.5M6× P1.0
PB 1215300.398003001504010x3.51001136550663752.610 × 4.5293.6M6× P1.0
PB 1421100.597003001504512x3.51121337554764157.312 × 4.5306M6× P1.0

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starter one way bearing

one way bearing manufacturer

One way bearing

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