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CKZ-C Wedge type One Way Clutch Bearing For Packing And Conveyer
clutch one way bearing
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The wedge-type clutch one way bearing consists of an outer ring, a figure-8 wedge, a holding spring, and an inner ring. These wedges work in a similar manner to the rollers in the roller type one-way clutch.


Wedge type clutch one way bearing, including outer race and set out the inner race seat, seat within the outer race and radial distance and coaxial set in relative rotation, multiple set between the outer circle and inner race of wedge, is used to transmit torque, the maintaining of wedge ring frame, as well as spring, the wedge between cage and the bearing in the mesh along one direction biasing wedge, It is characterized in that a cylindrical part is maintained, a radial extension of the window part, the wedge is installed in the window part for pivot movement, and the spring part by the cylindrical part of the outer circumference of the surface along the basically circular guide.


DC type is wedge retainer one way clutch bearing without inner ring and outer ring. This model must be fitted with custom designed inner and outer rings, bearings supporting axial and radial loads, and lubricants and oil seals.

The space tolerance of the contact surface of the irregular actuator must be within the range, the width of the contact surface between the outer ring and the inner ring should not be less than the size "E", and the contact surface should not have any grooves to ensure normal function.

The original factory can provide the standard type of inner ring and outer ring.

If the steel shaft and workpiece wall are directly set into the steel shaft and workpiece wall.

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