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MR One Direction Backstop Cam Clutch
MR One Direction Backstop Cam Clutch
Product Detail

Lift-off (Outer race rotation type)

MR Series Cam Clutch is structuredso that the cam rotates together withthe outer race when the outer raceoverruns. As shown in the figure, thespring force (Fs) works to make thecam come in contact with the innerand outer races with fixed pressure.Conversely, the eccentric force (Fc),which works on the cam whenoverrunning, applies a moment in thedirection where the cam does notcontact the inner and outer races.Accordingly, when the overrunningspeed is increased, the eccentricforce (Fc) increases and themovement is augmented over themovement caused by the springforce. Next, the cam lifts off from theinner race and loses contact with it.This phenomenon is called “lift-off.”In this state, there is no friction on thecam and it continues overrunning aslong as the bearing lasts.

Product parameter:

One Direction Backstop Cam Clutch

ModelTorque Capacity(N·m)Max.Overrunning(r/min)BoreSizeAB(h7)CDEFSH-M No.of TappedHoles ×Size×PitchLubrication FillerPlug Size×PitchOil (mℓ)Weight(kg)
MR 750950052526008524x615320015017575110258xM14xP2.0M8xP1.2540037
MR 80017600475210011028x715825015522077.5140258xM16xP2.0M8xP1.2550046.5
MR 90024500400185013535x9165300160265801703210xM16xP2.0M8xP1.2562070.5
MR 100033800325160016038x10188370180325902003212xM16xP2.0M8xP1.25850108.5

Mounting example:


Installation and Usage

1. MR Series Cam Clutch is usedfor outer race overrun in highspeedapplications.

2. For attaching a pulley, a gear, ora sprocket to the clutch, insertthe clutch into the hub of thesaid device, and screw the bolts(high tension) into the tappedholes on the clutch. Thetolerance of the bore hub shouldbe H6 or H7 of ISO R773.

3. When mounting the clutch on ashaft, apply pressure to theclutch inner race, but never to

the outer race.

4. Allow for a clearance betweenthe top of the clutch keyway andthe top of the key forpressureventilation. A pressure ventilationhole is provided on the keywayof the clutch inner race.


5. When the clutch receives ashock load or is designed foruse at full torque capacity, it is

better to use it on anunannealed or hardened shaft.

6. Thrust load should be taken upby other devices, not by theCam Clutch.

7. MR Series Cam Clutch includesspecial keys (hardened) whichhave a special height

dimension. The depth of the keygroove for the shaft shouldcomply with ISO R773.

8. Forced lubrication isrecommended for continuousoperation.

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