The characteristics and principles of the electromagnetic clutch
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The electromagnetic clutch is also called an electromagnetic clutch. It is a kind of electromagnetic mechanical connector, applying the principle of electromagnetic induction and the friction between the internal and external friction plates, so that the two rotating parts in the mechanical transmission system and the driven parts can be combined with or separated from them, there is no need to stop the rotation of the drive unit. Is a kind of automatic execution of electrical appliances.


The electromagnetic clutch is a friction clutch that exerts pressure through electromagnetic force. Because it can achieve long-distance operation, low control energy, easy-to-achieve machine automation, fast action, and simple structure, so also has been widely used. The electromagnetic clutch is an important part of an automatic control system because it is easy to control remotely and is easier to operate than other mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic clutches.


electromagnetic clutch

The function of an electromagnetic clutch is to transfer the torque and power of the actuator from one side of the driving shaft to the other side of the driven shaft. Widely used in a variety of mechanisms to achieve rapid start, brake, reverse or deceleration, and other functions.


The working principle of the electromagnetic clutch is to control the engagement and separation of the clutch by the power supply of the coil. The electromagnetic clutch is a friction clutch produced by electromagnetic force, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, rapid action, small control energy, convenient remote control, etc. . Although small, but can transfer large torque. The electromagnetic clutch is widely used in various machining machines and mechanical transmission systems because of its rapid and stable braking.


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