Considerations for installing flexible plum coupling
  2022/09/16| View:151

Flexible plum coupling is a kind of movable rigid coupling, flexible plum coupling is the use of internal and external teeth meshing to achieve the transfer of torque and rotation between the two halves of the coupling.


When installing a flexible plum coupling, be careful to replace the original equipment so that it is generally in the same direction as the original. Generally check the gear face of the coupling meshing situation, back to the intermediate tube or other components should be based on the original mark and data assembly.


In the outer gear shaft sleeve to the spindle head, strictly check the coupling hole chamfer and spindle with the matching fillet, need to be in a good and sealed state of work.


flexible plum coupling

The shaft hole and shaft in the local stuck, can not meet the requirements of the contact surface. Flexible plum coupling notes the quality of the tangent key configuration, use to control the load, and does not overload operation.


Flexible plum coupling is suitable for the transmission shaft system connecting two concentric shafts. The whole operation process of the flexible plum coupling is relatively simple, the equipment is well automated and requires less labor force.


Under normal conditions, the drum-shaped tooth coupling will not show the appearance of broken teeth or continuous rolling operations. There will be some incorrect operations, even illegal operations, which may also lead to accidents.


That's all for installing the flexible plum coupling, so feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.