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BREU(K) Freewheel Cam Clutch Bearing
BREU(K) Freewheel Cam Clutch Bearing
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BREU(K) freewheel cam clutch bearing is a kind of freewheel one way clutch, installed in the rear crankshaft or flywheel center hole, the role is to guide, in the clutch separation state to prevent a shaft radial runout. The engine pitch passes through the flywheel, clutch housing, pressure plate and clutch driven plate to one shaft.

When enabled, the conversion time of the automated racing gearbox is extremely short and the bearings allow exposure to very high speed gradients. This also brings special requirements for bearings and bearing lubricants. Choosing the right bearing design, grease and even coating at this location is critical to the robustness and reliability of the solution.

Product parameter:

BREU Freewheel Cam Clutch Bearing

ModelTorque Capacity(N·m)Inner Race Overrunning SpeedMax. Engagement
Min. (r/min)Max. (r/min)Speed (r/min)
BREU 30 (K)6078803600350
BREU 35 (K)6867803600300
BREU 40 (K)9807203600300
BREU 45 (K)10786703600280
BREU 50 (K)17156103600240
BREU 55 (K)19605803600220
BREU 60 (K)34794903600200
BREU 70 (K)47354803600200
BREU 80 (K)65174503600190
BREU 90 (K)85264203000180
BREU100 (K)142104602500180
BREU130 (K)203844202200180
BREU150 (K)339083701300180
ModelBore Size(H7)Keyway(Inner Race)AB(h7)CDEFGH-JKLbt1Weight(kg)
BREU 30 (K)308 × 3.37610051877545566-M6101842.7
BREU 35 (K)3510 × 3.37911050968050566-M61211053.2
BREU 40 (K)4012 × 3.386125531089055596-M8141.31254.4
BREU 45 (K)4514 × 3.886130531129560598-M8141.3145.54.7
BREU 50 (K)5014 × 3.8941506413211070728-M8141.3145.57.6
BREU 55 (K)5516 × 4.31041606613811575728-M10161.51668.9
BREU 60 (K)6018 × 4.412017084150125809510-M10161.518712.5
BREU 70 (K)7020 × 4.9134190951651409010810-M10161.8207.517.2
BREU 80 (K)8022 × 5.414421010018516010510810-M10161.822922.4
BREU 90 (K)9025 × 5.415823011520618012012510-M1220225930.3
BREU100 (K)10028 × 6.418627012424021014013510-M16242281045.5
BREU130 (K)13032 × 7.421231015227824016016812-M16242.5321167
BREU150 (K)15036 × 8.424640018036031020019412-M20322.53612145

Installation and Usage:

1. BREU-(K) C series Cam Clutch couplings make use of BREU series Cam Clutch and CRtype couplingswithout cover.

2. Mount the clutch loosely on the high-speed shaft at first.

3. Accurately align both sprockets by checking with a straight edge on the teeth of both sprockets.

4. Check whether the clearance(S) between the two sprockets is correct, then wrap the chain around thesprockets.

5. Specify right hand (RH) or left hand (LH) as inner race overrunning direction from the view of cam clutch side.

6. The same lubrication as for Tsubaki roller chain is necessary for the coupling chain.

7. Ensure that the chain is properly closed with a connecting link and that the closed of the spring clip is installedin the same direction as the rotation of the outer race.


BREU series Cam Clutches need periodic maintenance and lubrication to both bearing to provide maximum performance throughout their service life. Lack of prescribed maintenance and lubrication will shorten the Service life of Cam Clutch and may cause unnecessary mechanical damage.

Recommended Grease


















Note: Do not use Grease that contains EP additives.

E1~E7 options are supplied with bolts for installation, and the grease nipple.


BREU series Cam Clutches are pre-greased at the factory and should be re-greased every three months for bothbearings after installation. Follow the procedure below.

1. Remove the set screw at the flange, torque arm or cover.

2. Inject equal amounts of grease into the bearing from the grease nipple. Refer to the grease volume table forthe correct amount.

3. Run the Cam Clutch disengaged for from 20 to 30 minutes with the set screw removed. Excess of grease inthe clutch area will flow out of the tapped holes. Be careful to avoid over greasing. Too much grease in the

clutch will cause it to run hot, interfere with the clutch action, and may lead to mechanical damage.

4. Wipe off excess of grease and re-install the set screw.

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