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UL tyre type shaft coupling
tyre coupling f60
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According to the shaft coupling manufacturer TIANNIU, we known that the material of the tire body for the UL tyre type shaft coupling is elastic rubber. There are many kinds of elastic rubber, but basically can be divided into two categories, rubber and synthetic rubber cavity. Rubber has good elasticity and high fatigue strength, and has good damping performance, as well as adhesion to the steel surface, but poor solvent resistance, oil resistance and heat resistance, commonly used operating temperature range of 40~50℃. The properties of synthetic rubber are related to the composition of the polymer.


1. Simple structure, no lubrication, easy disassembly and maintenance, to change the tire body without axial movement of the coupling.

⒉. It has high elasticity, small torsional stiffness, vibration reduction, and greater ability to compensate the relative displacement of the two axes.

3. Good damping, low noise, but not high bearing capacity, radial size is large, when the overload produces a large axial additional load.

4. It is suitable for the two-axis connection with frequent starting, changeable positive and negative rotation and large impact vibration. It can work in the working environment with dust and moisture.

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shaft coupling manufacturer

UL tyre type shaft coupling

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tyre coupling f80

tyre coupling f60

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