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EMT Wet type Multi-disc Electromagnetic Clutch
EMT Wet type Multi-disc Electromagnetic Clutch
Product Detail

Main use:

Electromagnetic multidisc clutches for wet operation with slipring or non-slipring,worked at the lubricated condition,having fatures of little wear in friction lining,long in service life,small in radial demensions,,large in torque,the can be widely used in the machinery driving systems of the equipments of machine tools,steel rolliing,metallurgy ,mining,metal pressuring and exteding,removing,boats and ships and fishery etc,and realize the function of rngaging and disengaging ,reversing and changing speeds etc.

Product parameter:

automatic compressor electromagnetic clutch

SIZErated dymanic torqueN.mrated static torqueN.mrated voltage (DC V)coil consumption power(20°)Wallowed max revolvtion(r/min)weIght(kg)oil flow rates(L/min)

SIZERadial Demensions(mm)Axial Demensions(mm)brush model

SizeNumber of tooth(Z)Modulus(α)Pressure angle(α)diameter of pitchthe base tangenttooth number of measuring span

Product mounting:

compressor electromagnetic clutch


1. the clutch must be washed clean before installation.

2. Axial direction should be fixed when mounted,if mounted axle one by one,the coaxial de-gree should be up to 9 grades.

3. While the clutch is working ,the oil must be supplied to the friction discs,ubder th ehigh speed revolution and high frequency operation,the method of axle center supplying oil should be adopted,the capacity of oil ,pls see the figure.

4. The lubricating oil of the clutch must be cleaned or it will affect the operation reliability.

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