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DLD4-8500A  Hot Sale Single-chip Electromagnetic Brake
DLD4-8500A Hot Sale Single-chip Electromagnetic Brake
Product Detail

Main use:

Electromagnetic singiedisc clutches/brakes has one friction pair,it has festures of simple in structure,convient in installation,high in work frequency,agile in actuation,non-drag torque and low noise etc,widely use in the machinery driving systems of printing ,papermaking ,pack-aging,medical treatment ,texitile ,construction,boats and ships,office machine,the outer equipment of the computer,meter and instrument,communication etc,realize the functions of engaging and disengaging,reversing changing the directions,braking,positioning etc.

Product parameter:

dc electromagnetic brake

SIZErated static torqueN.mrated voltage DC Vcoil consumption power(20°)Wallowed max revolvtion(r/min)


1.The elevation atitude of the clucth installation place doesn't exceed 2000nm.

2.Ambient envirmental temperature is between -5 °C to +40°C.

3.Around the medium,there is no gas and conductive dust that has nonbursting danger ans can't corrode metal and damage the insulator.

4.The voltage fluctuation of the clutch coil can't exceed -5 present to -15 present of the rated vlotage.

5.the friction lining should be cleaned and no dust.


1. Before mounted,clean the friction surface,ensure that there has no dust and other.

2. When mounted,the axial direction must be fixed,if mounted one by one,the coaxial de-gree should be maintained 9 grads.

3. While mounting ,adjusted the air gap to make it up to the fixed value in the form.

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