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DLY3 Teeth-type Multi Disc Electromagnetic Clutch
DLY3 Teeth-type Multi Disc Electromagnetic Clutch
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DLY series micro electromagnetic clutch is a toothed electromagnetic clutch with sliding rings. It is mainly used in mechanical transmission system. It can realize the combination of the driven part and the active part when the relative speed of the main and driven parts is low or zero, so as to achieve the purpose of starting and stopping commutation and positioning. Widely used in metal processing machinery, metallurgical rolling machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, food processing machinery, textile printing and dyeing machinery, paper machinery, precision machine tools and other industries.

Components And Parameters:

Teeth-type Multi Disc Electromagnetic Clutch

SIZERadial Demensions(mm)Axial Demensions(mm)

Mounting example:

Multi Disc Electromagnetic Clutch


1.The clutch can be installed either in horizontal or in verial,If it mounted no the alex,the coaxlal degree between the driving and the driven shaft should not exceed 0.05mm,and must ensure the work clearence value σ.

2.The teeth of both ends should be cleaned before mounting the clutch.

3.The driving and the driven parts of the clutch must be fixed in axial direction,its axial moving doesn't permitted.

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24V electromagnetic clutch

12V electromagnetic clutch

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