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KC Internal gear roller chain coupling
roller chain coupling
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Chain coupling has a certain compensation performance, but can not reduce vibration buffer, so it is not suitable for impact, vibration shafting transmission, belongs to a flexible coupling of inelastic components. Inelastic element flexible propeller shaft coupling includes: sliding block coupling, chain coupling, gear coupling, universal coupling, spherical roller coupling, ball coupling, steel ball coupling and so on.


The chain coupling has the advantages of simple structure (consisting of four parts), convenient assembly and disassembly, free stroke when reversing, and is not suitable for reverse transmission with large impact load.


Can be used for textile, agricultural machinery, lifting transportation, engineering, mining, light industry, chemical and other machinery shaft transmission. Suitable for high temperature, humid and dusty conditions, not suitable for high-speed, violent impact load and transmission of axial force occasions, the chain coupling should be well lubricated and protected under the condition of work.


The chain coupling has the advantages of simple structure (consisting of four pieces), convenient assembly and disassembly, disassembly without moving the connected two shafts, compact size, light weight, certain compensation ability, low requirements for installation accuracy, reliable work, long life, low cost.

flexible propeller shaft coupling

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