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XL star type flexible shaft coupling rubber coupling
rubber flexible shaft coupling
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A rubber part used to connect two shafts or shafts to rotary parts in mechanical drive shafting. It plays the role of transferring motion and power, and has the function of compensating the relative displacement of two axes and cushioning shock absorption. Unlike other damping products, it is mainly used to attenuate torsional vibration of drive shafting, while other products attenuate mechanical linear vibration. According to the force, rubber flexible shaft coupling can be divided into compression type and shear type.


The rubber part of the elastomer consists of polygonal rubber and aluminum filled into its apex, each firmly vulcanized together. The rubber body of rubber flexible shaft coupling is connected with cylinder bushing and flange bushing respectively with bolts in radial and axial direction, and is driven through the rubber body. In particular, the radial bolt connection is connected with the pre-deformed rubber body and the cylinder bushing, so it is a pre-compression structure, with excellent flexibility, and can be well absorbed vibration and impact transmission.


1. High elastic rubber for transmission, absorbing vibration and impact is excellent, and can reduce noise

2. Short axial direction, saving space, need to make the connection part

3. Heat resistant rubber, and pre-pressure existence, long life

4. Easy to install centering, when the screw is removed, the power is completely detached5. Maintenance-free

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