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TLC torque limiter coupling
TLC torque limiter coupling
Product Detail

Torque limiter coupling is mainly composed of two half coupling, in which half of the coupling set friction plate mechanism and pressure regulating mechanism, friction plate core of the friction plate mechanism and fixed pressure regulating mechanism of the adjusting baffle fixedly together, end with a screw fixed friction plate baffle;

The inner cavity of another half coupling is provided with a keyway corresponding to the outer circle of the friction plate, and the coupling is provided with an electric control protection device for speed detection or a bellows temperature control protection device.

The utility model with friction coupling, don't use the hydraulic oil, adjusting screw, a single clamping force is small, the total compression strength, therefore, the utility model is small in size, simple structure, large transmission torque, no pollution, with automatic protection agency, easy to use without being limited by the speed, adjust the energy, due to friction with many pills, so the allowable torque could have done a lot.

In case of serious overload or equipment failure, it can protect the safe operation of mechanical equipment. Easy recovery after a fault is rectified. It can replace all kinds of couplings and clutches, including hydraulic coupling.

torque limiting shaft coupling

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