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GR Aluminum alloy bellows setscrew coupling
GR Aluminum alloy bellows setscrew coupling
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The setscrew bellows shaft coupling consists of two hubs and a thin-walled metal tube, which are welded or bonded together. Stainless steel and nickel are the most commonly used metal tube materials, although many other materials are available. The nickel tube is finished by electrodeposition. This method first machined the solid mandrel into a corrugated shape, using nickel plating on the mandrel, and then the mandrel was chemically dissolved to produce the nickel bellows. This method can control the accuracy of bellows wall thickness and get thinner wall thickness than other methods. This thin-walled bellows gives the coupling high sensitivity and rapid response, making it ideal for use in very small and precise instrument applications.


>High torque rigidity and excellent sensitivity

>Maintenance free, super oil and corrosion resistance

>Zero turning clearance

>Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics are exactly the same

>Stainless steel bellows construction compensates angular and axial deviation

>Commonly used with servo motor, stepper motor connection

>Main material: aluminum alloy

>Installation mode: top wire fixed type, clip fastening finalize the design, bulging sleeve fixed type

flexible bellows couplingbellows shaft coupling

model parametercommon bore diameter d1,d2ΦDLLIL2L3NFMtightening screw torque

model parameterRated torque
allowable eccentricity
allowable deflection angle
allowable axial deviation
maximum speed
static torsional stiffness
moment of inertia
Material of shaft sleevesurface treatmentweight
GR-16x270.80.12+ 0.4 -1.2200001507.9x10-7High strength aluminum alloyAnodizing treatment8
GR-20x321.50.12+ 0.6 -1.8180002202.0x10-613
GR-22.5x341.80.152+ 0.6 -1.8160003006.2x10-622
GR-25x372.00.152+ 0.6 -1.8150003306.7x10-630
GR-32x422.50.22+ 0.8 -2.5110004902.0x10-553
GR-40x516.40.32+ 0.8 -2.5100005302.1x10-585
GR-55x57120.32+ 0.8 -2.590008602.8x10-5170
GR-65x81180.22+ 0.7 -2.545009002.3x10-5280

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